Two Weeks In

Hello again! This is just a quick little update on how the year is panning out with my mission to get back in shape again, or so I can at least wear the other three quarters of my wardrobe. I want to first say thank you to all of you who have read, liked and commented on my other posts it really means a lot!

So, it’s been two weeks since I’ve got the eating back under control and the first major step to that is changing my mindset and relationship with food. Sounds a tad over dramatic to some but that’s the best mindset to have on the approach to losing weight. My biggest task was to change my body and minds’ response to not constantly eating. For months my body was on a non-stop loop of being fed, so when the body is at first deprived it is shocked and will get a little cranky, and believe me it will let you know it! You must fight through that initial discomfort, at times I’ll find myself looking at say a pastry, looks great, and as I’m about to reach for it I just say to myself ‘why am I going to eat this?’ and ‘Do I really need this for survival? Am I going to collapse if I don’t stuff this pastry in my mouth?’ the answer to these is so obvious it snaps you out of it, and with these simple questions which allow you to check yourself, before you wreck yourself, you are changing the sub conscious on looking at food in a different way.

A good little trick I use and recommend is when your body is nudging you, persuading you to eat that needles bag of chips, then drink water. Simple as that. I guarantee if you drink a cup of water, I go for a pint, you will no longer be hungry. Reality is your not hungry, it’s just your body and mind trying to break out of a routine, a bad routine. Now I feel I’ve broken that barrier, I no longer snack late in to the evening and find myself having my last meal of the day and leaving it at that, my mind isn’t pondering on what to eat next.

We all know time absolutely flies when you’re having fun, and the beginning of a diet is no fun at all. It’s an internal and mental battle of changing months, and in some cases years, of bad habits and the beginning will drag. This is down to the fact of you wanting the results, but you know they are still 6-12 weeks away which in fairness seems a long time. The fact is those weeks will come whether you stay on your diet or not, but a good method is to just focus on the little victories. Such as getting to your first five days, your first week. Look at improving your next workout be it by another rep or an extra minute on the treadmill. Looking at the little victories will keep you on track and not deter you from only focusing on the long daunting hall way to your end goal, after all you’re making progress every day!

Another way to battle the initial phase is to just keep busy, occupy your mind with other activities during those dead air times when normally you’d fill the void or boredom by eating something just for the sakes of it. For me my biggest flaw was I like to eat in the evening, I usually go well the whole day and my will seems to break. So I would save my hobbies or personal tasks such as writing, reading, property searching and re-watching The Sopranos (for the fifth time) for the evening. So this is how I have been able to seamlessly stop eating in the evening, my mind is then accustomed and isn’t wandering and landing on performing the comforting task of eating two needless bowls of cereal.

What else have I noticed? A big difference is I generally walk round feeling lighter, little bit weird I know, but I believe it comes with simply not being full to the eye balls of food. A more comfortable and mobile feeling in general, my current job involves a lot of moving about and manual handling, twisting and squirming underneath caravans to plumb them in, which in its self is a task preferably suited for a hobbit never mind grown humans. So yes I have noticed a little bit of a energetic hop in my step, and it’s not from the sheer joy of that work force trust me!

And a final note is that food has become more enjoyable believe it or not. With my calorie approach I can have foods other diets would deem as hazardous, but like I said you must use your common sense. So when I do get to enjoy a meal out or finishing my fast and having a juicy burger and fries, with a diet coke of course I’m not insane, it is earned and not just the every day norm of shovelling anything and everything down my gullet.

Thanks for reading, how is your fitness journey going? How is your 2019 playing out in general? I hope all is going well with you and if it’s a little rocky just remember to always take the good with the bad.

1 thought on “Two Weeks In

  1. I do okay with my diet, it’s the exercising I need to step up on. Good to hear things are going well for you!

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