House Hunting

So as I’ve previously mentioned in other blog posts, last year I was able to get a better job financially, I would say a better job over all but I don’t think I’m there just yet… but the money is much better so at the moment I’ll just focus on that to stop me quitting and giving my colleagues the finger. The primary reason of a switch in jobs was to set me up in a better position to get a mortgage off the bank for a property so me and my partner can take the next step.

December we came very close as a couple to buying our first property, in fact we had everything accepted and ready to go however it was not to be. We paid around £400 for a level 2 property search, basically a thorough check to make sure the house wouldn’t fall apart some months down the line and crippling us financially, starting us on a downward spiral to a life of struggle and financial ruin. So, I’d highly recommend the survey. It’s worth it.

This was a part of the process of our house hunt, a process of which would spill out the most forms of human emotion I can face. After the initial excitement I got as all the hopes and dreams started to dance around my head, beginning to envision the future as it looks to be in touching distance. Then a little anxiety, for a change, creeps in. This slowly turns in to worry and pretty soon in to pure dread. The optimistic ‘what ifs’ take a pessimistic twist in to thoughts of ‘what if the neighbours are like those nightmare ones you see on the television?’ and ‘What if the housing market crashes?’ and the ever terrifying ‘What if one or both of us lose our job? God forbid what if we split up?’ Answers to all these are terrifying but after calming down we again see the light side and realise you can’t think like that, you can’t live in fear of what could go wrong.

So now we’re on the hunt again and the excitement and focus is back, watching our money and fighting off the urge to make unnecessary purchases, such as the morning Costa cappuccino on the way to work, as we focus on the bigger picture. Personally, I’ve never seen the point of renting, you are basically paying someone else’s mortgage and it will never be your property, but everyone’s circumstances are different and I totally get that. The fact for me and my partner is this will be our first time living together and that is somewhat the unknown. I mean we spend every day with each other, but we are yet to experience the relationship pressure of paying bills and being completely left to our own vices. But that’s the next step we have to take, and I look forward to and welcome the challenge. I believe it will bring a new form of purpose and teamwork, as we know we are working towards the same goal, that being to not enter financial abomination…!

We learned a lot from last year, I’d like to think we no longer make those deer in the headlights impulses such as after viewing the first house we look at, to then turn and demand to buy it as if it’s the last house available on earth. No longer do we visit a house armed with a notebook of must ask questions (Thanks Mum for that) we pretty much know what to ask and look out for, then again the house we were just about to buy did fail its survey miserably so maybe we still don’t have a clue. Finding the right house is such a huge decision with great responsibilities, and with that comes a lot of second guessing. Everything must be perfect as it is such a huge commitment, but I’m coming to terms with the reality that nothing will be flawless, no house will be perfect and you can’t control everything, such as what neighbours come and go and what that minefield of a housing market will do. Nobody knows what the future will hold, but I see that life consists of times when you simply have to take a leap of faith and just go for it with the best intentions at heart. Nothing is straight forward but you can’t live based on ‘what if this goes wrong’. The anxiety will always kick in, but when it does just accept it and remember there’s two sides to everything, and where their is the darks ide their is a beacon of light which is much more appealing.

For anyone who has read this I want to say thank you, also if you have any of your own advice or even your own story in the property market that would be welcomed. Have a good one.  

4 thoughts on “House Hunting

  1. Something I’ve come to (mostly) accept in the last 3-5 years is that there’s a lot in life you can’t control, but that doesn’t mean you give up and let your anxiety and depression and fear and whatever other strong emotion take over everything else in your life. You just do what you can with what you have and keep moving forward as best you can day to day.
    I like your positivity in this post and the fact that you addressed you and your partners’ insecurities about the house-hunting/living-together process while still focusing on the positive and beautiful possibilities down the road.

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    1. I couldn’t agree more, no doubt it’s best to look at positives and negatives but with a lot of things regarding the unknown we simply have to go for in a positive aspect.

      Thank you for the read and comment!

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  2. Happy house hunting, I hope you find the perfect place! The best way to protect yourself against the unexpected is to prepare for it as much as you can. For example, don’t buy a house that costs so much you don’t have any breathing room in your budget every month. Build up an emergency fund of 3 – 6 months cash savings. Put down the largest deposit you can & then aggressively pay off your house as fast as you can. This will help to give you the extra security you’re looking for.

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    1. Thank you for the read and the comment, completely agree with preparing with an emergency fund would bring peace of mind then.

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