Fitness Merry-Go-Round

If you saw me today I would not strike you as overweight, now I can hide it well (black clothing being my saving grace) but the scale doesn’t lie (to an extent). Weighing 2 stone (28 pounds for those who haven’t made it to the metric system yet) more than I did 5 months ago is clear that my caloric consumption has been way too high for too long.  

I’ve always admired and admittedly been slightly envious of those individuals who are confident and happy being themselves regardless of body type. Having anxiety is a constant struggle to be sociable at the best of times, but the added weight makes me feel less confident. I simply don’t feel comfortable in my own skin these days. I find it rather sad and some would say pathetic that I think like that, your body image should not deject you, but for me personally it does. I hope one day to beat this and not have my weight have such an impact on me, but for now that’s my reality.

I am the most up and down person when it comes to my weight which has made me all too familiar with the signs of gaining some extra pounds, for instance my core bursting through my jeans which once not too long ago required all the notches of a belt to keep them up, the running back to the spacious comfort of the large sized shirts as the smalls now make me feel as if squeezed by a bower constrictor.

My most recent ride on the weight train was back in early 2017, I was just plodding along in life when sadly my Dad passed away. It was sudden, tragic and I will never fully be alright with it, but you carry on regardless. For anyone that’s lost someone close you know all the emotions it brings, but what helps me every day is knowing they’re always smiling down, so you’ve got to live on and make them proud.

The garage which contained a couple of benches, dumbbells, barbells, a treadmill and a punching bag was where my Dad used to spot me when I first purchased them, now it was there to give me something to focus on and within 9 months I was back to being as lean as I was since the days of me training and competing in MMA (Mixed Martial Arts).

Before/after my latest ride on the Weight Loss Merry-Go-Round

The weight loss also helped me reconnect with my friends who I had lost touch with since finishing school, partly down to life playing its course but also, I once again felt comfortable being seen by those who last knew me as an ‘aspiring personal trainer’. I was going out more and feeling happy, no longer was I dreading the lead up to an outing which came with a last-ditch detox attempt, all of which failed miserably.

Weight loss and gain is noticed through timely dramatic stages. You won’t feel larger or leaner day by day, it is 2-3 months or so down the line and usually its noticed by those around you, most commonly a co-worker or relative you haven’t seen for some time. I’ve slowly gained weight ever since August when I started my new job, and I sit here now with the realisation of the mirror and scale that I have yet again undone all my hard work from the previous year. I placed the blame on ‘not enough time’ which as any fitness enthusiast knows is a pathetic excuse, if you want it bad enough you can make time, especially with High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) which is designed to burn a high number of calories in a limited time frame. But time was not my only excuse, the diet went out the window, calories were no longer my guide line. Long days, week after week was not something I was used to coming from a part time job, so I would just gorge myself on everything and anything when I got home… all comfort food.

So here I go again, yet another Day 1 Week 1 of getting back in to shape. Without sounding cocky I do know how to lose weight, the process is simple really, just consume fewer calories than the body requires. Use a calorie calculator (which are found online) then once your details are entered you will see how many calories you must consume to lose, gain and maintain your weight. The skill I am yet to master is not letting myself go from one extreme to the other, but first thing’s first and that’s hitting my target weight.

I will be posting more about my weight loss journey, sharing ways calorie counting is simply the best method to use for the every day person. So for anyone looking for some advice ranging from diet and supplementation to work outs themselves don’t hesitate to ask and stay tuned. I am not saying anyone should lose weight, unless it’s for health reasons then use your common sense, but if you are on the ol’ January weight loss mission I say good luck and enjoy the process!

3 thoughts on “Fitness Merry-Go-Round

  1. Great post. Fitness can be a merry go round till you find what works for you and body and stick with it! You are going to do GREAT! I have faith in you. I’m following your blog I will be cheering you on in this new year! You got this!🙌🏾

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    1. Thank you so much for the read and comment! This time I am determined to not slack off after I have reached my goal!


  2. Great post mate. Inspiring how much weight you’ve lost and just how well you’ve done. Can’t have been easy 🙂


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