Reflecting and Looking Forward

New Year. 2019. Used to be a ‘New year New me’ type I, like 99.9% of people have made resolutions in the past, got all motivated like Rocky preparing for Creed only to have them become an after thought by February. Still waiting for them chiselled abs damn it! Which is why I have made no such definitive resolutions this time around. Yes I want to write more, I want to take care of the clarity of my thoughts and yes again I want them superhero abs, but I refuse to label them or look at them as set with stone outcomes. I have found I like to focus on the steps and going with the flow.

So what do I want to do this year? What a broad question. I’m setting out to continue with reading a book a month,  starting to push out more blogs and building my own style of expression. I’m hoping I can get in touch with other fellow writers and give and get feedback for improvement. So I’m starting off with intentions, otherwise I feel I’d just be floating and going through the motions. I am starting to work towards some goals but not kidding myself that they will most probably chop and change in my priority list throughout the year. I want to focus on writing yes, where will that lead? I don’t know. But if I look at it from the point of just giving it a go, write while I’m enjoying the focus it is bringing me then who knows what this could snowball in to.

So… you have goals but you know they’ll fail? Judging from my past this is true. Every goal I have set at the beginning of a new year have all flatlined. Which is why I’m approaching 2019 similar to last year. 2018 was all in all a pretty good year for me but none of it was part of some January 1st pact with myself. So no concrete goals. Some find this a recipe for a do nothing cake, but myself personally I have found after years of going in with set goals and game plans for success it doesn’t ever go to plan, then I will steer away from it, then I’ll forget about it completely and then that follows the self criticism merry go round and the repetitive mantra of ‘Next year is my year. I’ll do this, this, etc.’ That’s just me though. I have friends that have achieved great things with having a clear cut path to what they want to achieve. That’s what makes people different. That’s what makes us human.

I currently am in a much better job financially than I was this time last year. The thing is I didn’t set out the year to be in a different job let alone one making me a little more money. That was never the goal. There was no way I would’ve thought I wouldn’t be in my former cushy job where I was doing just enough, getting by just existing, in a way still refusing to grow up. Then opportunity struck in August and one thing lead to another and next minute I’m siting caravans, not an extravagant job but for the area I live it’s much more of a step up than stacking shelves for a couple shifts a week. It’s a job I never would’ve seen myself in.

I managed to visit two countries last year, I went on holiday with my girl for the first time in our 5 year relationship to the island of Fuertaventura. The highlight of my year honestly. Again I didn’t set out with that goal for the year in mind. We wasn’t budgeting with that in mind it was just another opportunity snatched up. Then there was Amsterdam with the Lads, that came out of the blue and before I knew it I was in the middle of Amsterdam on my arse from some dodgy cake… never again.

To round off I guess you could say I’m looking at the steps more importantly than the end result. Because what takes me down one path the journey will lead on to another. So lets just enjoy the scenery. I’ve realised Life is unpredictable, you can try and plan it as much as you want but in reality there is very little we can actually control in the end. I have chosen to adapt my aims and outlook on the year ahead but what will happen will play out regardless of how I go about it. I’m writing because I enjoy it. Reading because I’m enjoying it. Going out to eat more because I enjoy it (honestly don’t get why my abs aren’t out) I hope anyone reading this has a great year, achieves everything you have set yourself be it in stone or living off the seat of your pants. Thanks for reading.

1 thought on “Reflecting and Looking Forward

  1. Great blog man. Keep it up!


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